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It is safe to say that the internet as a whole, and search engines, in particular, have grown to become a crowded and chaotic place. Most of us take for granted that whenever we search for something on the web, it will just appear magically on the screens. Well, this may be true, but how did the some of them make it in the first couple of pages? And some got pushed way back on 20th page? This “magic” or technique is called SEO, short for Search Engine Optimization, and this why we see certain specific pages as soon as we start the search process. The good news is that SEO is malleable, which means, for the website owner, they have a good chance of sending their web page, in the first couple of pages of the search engine.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

So, why is it so important to have the web page show up in the first few pages of the search page? The answer is simple. Most people when doing a search, will not look much further than the first page! For businesses, this is hugely important. That means if the page shows up anywhere past the second page, the likelihood of someone seeing it is virtually nil! The consequences of something like that happening is any one’s guess. What can be done about this problem? The art of SEO service marketplace is done through a multi-pronged approach. Businesses with websites will need a team of experts to aid them through the process. The following is the process usually done to get SEO working for website owners.

• Keyword research
• Building links
• Studying the competition
• Content development
• Video optimization
• Mobile optimization

seo service marketplace

Keyword Research

The keyword is where it all starts. It is the starting point of search for anyone who has ever used a search engine. So it is easy to see why it is so important. The key here is to get the right customers to the website. As far as keyword research is concerned, it involves finding the right keywords based on search frequency. This has proven to take the website to the head of the pack. The idea here is to do a targeted campaign, as opposed to going after all and sundry.


Link’s, link building or hyperlinks, whatever we choose to call it, it is all the same. It has also grown to become more important, in this day and age of social media and mobile phones. The process is quite simple. It involves creating a hyperlink to one website from another one. Even though this process sounds simple enough, it is one of the most difficult tasks of SEO. The trick is to link everything to work smoothly and flawlessly as possible. This is just another reason why we need a team who know what they are doing. A well-done link job will go a long way to get the word out there and increase business.

What is the Competition Up to?

As mentioned before, the internet has become a crowded place. Now, more than ever, businesses need to know what the competition is doing and how they are handling SEO. However, if we have a professional team to look into it, then it becomes much easier to remain nimble and change accordingly. It is not only about reaching the top, but it is also about staying there. As we know, if keep the position is harder than reach the position. Therefore, competitive analysis is a must for anyone seriously thinking about online sales and marketing.

Content Development

There was a time in the early days of search engines when all we had to do was stuff an article or post with lots of keywords to get noticed. Looking back at those days, it seems almost laughable, but it was true. The formulas were easy and straightforward. Lots of keywords equal high search engine ranking. No matter how poor the content quality was. Those days are gone forever. Today, algorithms used in search engines are clever enough to distinguish between a well written and a poorly written article. A well-written article is not just about getting search engine priority. It is also about arousing the customer’s interest enough to buy. After all, writing content about a product, maybe the only presentation it gets. The article becomes the salesman. And finally, it should convince the customer to make the purchase.

Video Optimization

Video marketing is one of those trends that is slowly taking over the internet. There are two primary reasons for this. Social media and smartphones. The scramble to make short three to four minute, good quality movies selling a product, is one of the fastest growing trends. Once the film is made, providing links to it on social media and optimizing it for search engines is very important. Therefore, finding an SEO service marketplace who can handle video optimization is necessary.

The Age of Smart Phones

The year 2008 saw the dawn of the smartphone. Even though these devices contain the phone function, the main reason people use them is that they are essentially small computers. The phone is just an added feature. In fact, using smartphones to find products online is one of the most common ways to do so. But there is a twist to this story. Mobile searches are usually more local business oriented. That means the SEO must be done with this in mind. The reason behind this is because smartphones are usually used to search and buy locally. Therefore, the importance of staying ahead of the curve in mobile optimization cannot be understated.

In conclusion

What needs to be taken away from all this is that search engine optimization is constantly changing. The trick is always to stay tuned to changes and stay ahead of the curve. If this is not done then missing out on good opportunities is a real possibility. However, with the right people on our side, the likely hood of this happening is virtually nil.

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