Cannabis Marketing: Stop fighting with Google over Cannabis AdWords and Start Dominating Google’s Organic Cannabis Search Results.

For those of us around back then, it seemed to happen overnight; Google became the dominate force in all things information. Because Google offers the most accurate and relevant search results, we depend on it for everything in our lives. Without Google, the world would be a much dumber place. So why are so many people in the growing cannabis industry fighting with Google to try and sneak a cannabis advertising campaign under the radar of Google using AdWords?

Maybe the cannabis industry is too accustomed to doing things the hard way and fighting the system? Maybe it’s the outlaw roots? Or maybe it’s that the cannabis industry is so new that those hired to market cannabis products simply try to do what they did when they worked in real estate, food and beverage, or hospitality. They jump right in and try and buy AdWords, Google’s paid ads. One big problem, Google won’t sell AdWords that relate to cannabis. So instead of looking to Google organic (free) search cannabis marketers try to buck the system and cloak their campaigns and fly under the radar. Unfortunately for them, if not caught at the onset, once the campaign reaches a certain point of spend, Google calls for a manual review and bam, the program gets flagged and shut off. This is no way to live people. Go organic.

Veteran SEO companies like AlgoRhythm SEO know that once you understand how Google works, you can use its strengths, (the same strengths that have helped Google become the #1 search engine in the world) to get top organic search rankings for cannabis marketing search terms. It is all about learning the ranking factors that go into Google’s PageRank formula, which is how Google assesses the links pointed at your cannabis related website, the quantity and most importantly, the quality of those links pointed at you.

One of the reasons so many business owners gravitate to AdWords and not organic is that organic SEO has become impossible for those unethical SEO people that were committed to using short-cuts to rank crappy websites at the top of the most competitive searches. Do you really blame Google for cracking down? This bad SEO was cracking away at the very foundation the house of Google was built on. Google made updates that cracked down on auto-generated links, low quality content and crappy SEO. Google introduced strong and powerful updates like Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird, drumming out the bad guys and leaving only the companies like Denver SEO provider, AlgoRhythm left doing it the right way.

Below are a few things you should consider when thinking about how to dominate Google organic search for cannabis marketing. No matter how long it takes for Federal Laws to change, you will still want to rank organically so that you can drive traffic to your business for free and watch your competitors spend millions to try and keep up with you using AdWords. Organic is king, and why wouldn’t you want to be the king of cannabis marketing?

It all boils down to trust. Unfortunately, when you are just getting started, Google doesn’t trust your website. If Google doesn’t trust your website or its content, you are not going to be placed ahead of the millions of other pages competing with you for the cannabis search that drives your business. Once you have Google’s trust and you are doing the right things you can begin to rank at the top, capturing the traffic that will drive millions of dollars of revenue into your business. If you don’t have trust, you will have sunk to the bottom of rankings, so deep it will take James Cameron and a mini-sub to find you at those depths, and you don’t want that.

Indexed Age of Your Website and its Content: First let’s look at the indexed age of your website and its content. Google is going to take a long hard look at the age of both your cannabis related website and its content. The newer you and your content are the more of a challenge it is to get you ranked. Simply put. Google doesn’t trust the new guy. If you are brand new, don’t freak out, it’s not a sentence to online purgatory until you are an OG website. It just means SEO marketers will need to work harder to get you results ahead of schedule. You need a healthy diversity of links from many authoritative sources and you need to be feeding your domain a healthy diet of new authoritative links.

Authority Profile of Your Website and its Content: The most important thing you can do to rank for cannabis marketing keywords is be the authority on the niche you serve in the cannabis industry. Unfortunately, it is not enough to be the biggest know-it-all in your space, you need Google to recognize your authority in a way they can catalog, measure and rank. This means that your website must have a very strong profile of links pointing at it. Those links must be from websites that also have authority on the subject or industry. You need IP-diversity as well. You cannot have all your links coming from the same source. Most of the work any expert SEO company you hire does should be devoted to link authority. If they know what they are doing they will focus on bringing your business links with massive authority and diversity.

Quality Underlying Content: As an above the board, get results, SEO company that wins for our clients there is nothing more frustrating to me about our industry than the issue of underlying content. The content on your website is extremely important. Too many people build websites with little to no content and expect Google to magically know what the website is all about. That said; too many so-called SEO experts will gladly spend most or all of their time and your money focusing on the on-page content of your website. Underlying content should be table-stakes it’s like saying the NFL team with the best turf and stadium will win the Super Bowl. Paying an SEO expert to focus only on your content is like paying Tom Brady to water the field before a home game. Content is a major anchor that Google uses to determine your sites relevancy. An SEO partner should be able to guide you and help get fresh content but if that’s all they talk about, run for the hills. Content is cheap and easy, SEO is and link authority is not. Without trust and link authority your rankings will go nowhere.

About the author: Matt Eaton is President of AlgoRhythm SEO. AlgoRhythm is the #1 SEO provider in the United States for providing the trust and authority to build rank, dominate search and defend top positions. Matt can be reached directly at or 303-803-7372

AlgoRhythm: Putting the Rhythm into Your Marketing Needs

Are you looking to start your own business but struggling to figure out where to begin? Do you see the huge pile of work that needs to be done and feel that it is overwhelming? You see the marketing, the ad campaigns, and everything else that needs to be done to get this business up and running, and seeing all of that, do you begin to wonder how you will get it all finished and have a profitable business? Well, here is how. Choose an online marketing consultant, like AlgoRhythm. We will handle all of the online marketing for you so that you don’t have to, making your job of starting this business much less overwhelming. Our offers are these: reputation management, social media management, web design, and so much more.

Reputation Management

At AlgoRhythm, we are exactly what our clients and future clients need for a marketing consultant. We can help with reputation management, social media marketing, website design, and so much more. Offer our clients some of the best business listings that a marketing consultant can. We can give hundreds of listings to feature the businesses of our clients and help them to gain more attention, whether it be on Google+, Foursquare, or Yelp. We will help get their businesses out to the public.

Social Media Management

We can guarantee great social media management. Our teams are dedicated to getting our clients’ business marketed on all of their social media sites, whether that be Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, or Linkedin. We will schedule their social content. We help them to develop and monitor as well so that our clients don’t have to use all of that time marketing their businesses. Our teams are experts in creating social media campaigns that are the highest of quality and that enable our client to focus more on what is important for them: managing their revenue and their business.

Website Design

Not only that, but we also offer to help our clients with their website design. We help to develop WordPress websites with custom development and design, giving them the quality and the look that will get that business into the world. We deliver a beautiful website which will be easy to find and will be completely generated by our clients. Not only do we design the website for our clients, but we listen to what they want.

marketing consultant


There is also search engine optimization or SEO. This helps others to find the businesses that our clients want to have marketed. The SEO enables those businesses to be found easily on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and numerous other search engines. These improve the website visibility and helps customers to see the products and services so that they can know exactly what they are searching for. This is done through local keywords, big names, retail, medical, real estate, and charity. We, here at AlgoRhythm will bring the best experience with SEO in our partnership with our clients.


A partnership with AlgoRhythm also brings our clients the option to have a Pay Per Click for their ads. These ads are paid, and they are what appear in a variety of places on a variety of search engines. This Pay Per Click, or PPC, helps to generate an instant amount of traffic. Though PPC can be hard to handle for those who don’t quite know what they are doing just yet, we have PPC algorithm experts that can help our clients manage these to have successful campaigns and not waste precious time or money. We have experts in some ad campaigns such as Google AdWords and Facebook Ads. We have the ability to design the strategy and ads to give our clients the best results in the shortest amount of time possible.

Why Choose Us?

Having an online marketing manager for anyone’s business is extremely important. We help our clients to build their businesses. Focus on the hard parts of the business so that they can focus on the business itself. We focus on the search engines, the content, the online marketing, the social media, and the website creation so that they can focus on the relationships with their customers and the business that they are running. We help to provide our clients with quality content and quality marketing so that they don’t have to worry about creating it themselves.

Starting a business is stressful enough. Without AlgoRhythm, our clients would have to handle a number of difficult tasks on their own, tasks including getting their website out into the open, or even having a good quality website, to begin with. As we have seen, what we offer is precisely what anyone starting a business needs.

Why make the boss do it when an online marketing company is willing to do it for you? That is what we aim to do at AlgoRhythm. Our teams and specialists work hard to give our clients the best quality work that we can. We take the stress of marketing off of the client so that they can focus on what matters.

Contact Us:

So, are you looking for an online marketing company that can do the tedious marketing for you? Then you have come to the right place. For more information about our services and why to go with AlgoRhythm, visit our website, where we have a listing and description of all that our program offers for marketing. Included on the website is our contact information, where we can be found on a variety of social media sites, and even a blog describing the various benefits that come from choosing a company such as ourselves. If you are looking for a company that will help you develop your business, you can look no further. We will do our best to meet all of your needs as one of our many happy clients. Go to the website, visit our social media, and get into contact with us today.

What SEO Services Can Do For Your Marketing Needs

In today’s marketing world there are many challenges that a business owner faces on a day to day basis. In light of this, they are also doing their best to stand out from their competitors. Not only is it important to come up with new strategies but also keep up with today’s technology. For instance, Digital Marketing has become a great marketing tool and will become stronger as the years to come. Not to mention, how it incorporates Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing. As a business owner, we are sure you have heard of digital marketing and have already implemented it within your marketing strategies. Local SEO services like are prepared to help you in this process.

However, for those who are still uncertain how the process works or skeptical in applying digital marketing into their business. We urge you to read further into this article. Here you will learn the concept of digital marketing and the benefits.

Today, most individuals look towards their digital devices for information. In the past, people would look in a phone book to find a restaurant to have dinner. Nowadays, we all tend to turn towards our I-Phones, I-Pads, or other digital devices to look up a restaurant or other businesses.

If you’re a business owner that has not utilized digital marketing for your business, you could be losing customers. To avoid this happening to your business turn to the local SEO services in your area.

What do local SEO services provide and what are they?

A digital SEO firm can give you advice as well as set up an SEO friendly web design for your business web page. The professionals like Algorytm SEO company can offer new strategies that will give better visibility to your site. They specialize in Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click, Reputation Management, and online listings.

Above all, their goal is to help business owners to achieve the ultimate marketing strategy. So, what do this service all entail? Not only do we design and develop WordPress websites but also design your site to look appealing, easily found in search engines, and client generating. We do this by listening to your business desires and needs than implement it within your site.

local seo services

The Benefits you can expect.

1) A High SEO Ranking

Having a high SEO ranking can generate more clientele to your site and place you ahead of your competitors. Professionals use the right amount of content and keywords to help provide you with the best possible ranking for your business. SEO services have direct information on how the search engines, apps, and social networks operate. With this knowledge, they can give more emphasis to your website where it is needed the most.

2) Sales Increase

Digital marketing is a substantial difference from the old marketing techniques. Even though, some business may still think the old way is best it has been shown through digital firms that it isn’t so any longer. All businesses need to stay up with the times to bring substantial growth to their business. When your website is set up correctly through digital networking, you will see an increase in sales. Most companies see at least a 25% increase or higher in sales.

3) Top-Quality Products Reputation and Growth

These professional firms can enhance the reputation and growth of a product with digital marketing ranking techniques. By using this updated technology, a business will be able to get the word out about their product and its developments more thoroughly. SEO services have the experience and knowledge to help to advertise your site well within the search engines.

4) Expand your product to other places

A digital formatting design provides a wider base to make it possible to see your product throughout the world. In fact, you can easily tap into social media networks like never before. SEO services can help make this possible through their knowledge and inside scope on these marketing strategies. Meaning, they are capable of planting a seed within the appropriate networking channels.

5) It Gives a Different Approach

When restructuring your website with digital marketing technology, you present professionalism like never before. Customers that visit your site will notice the changes in your design and tell others about your product. After businesses have developed this new approach, they have seen an increase in their productivity of their employees. As a matter of fact, employees can focus on other business details and leave the website strategies up to the SEO professional services.

6) Expands your customer base

Staying with the times of new technology instead of the old ways brings a different generation of potential clients to your site. Not only does digital marketing with a local SEO service provide better advertising techniques. They also bring in a larger customer base. Not to mention, the new attention grabbers they offer to catch the eye of the client. By the same token, it also provides better quality customer service.

In conclusion; we have gone over many aspects of what an SEO service is and what they can offer a business. A point often overlooked is that a business that is implementing digital strategies alone is only touching the tip of the ice break. However, on the positive note, those that implement digital marketing with an SEO service like now has some inside professional standing behind them.

So, the question is what do you want for your business a poor SEO ranking or a high standard SEO ranking? Are you persuaded to add this excellent technology to your site? If so, we would be happy to sit down with you and go over your marketing needs.

There is no need to worry even if you think your problem is too big to handle because that we are here to lighten the load. Within no time at all the professionals at will have your marketing needs back on the straight and narrow.

Implementing Law Firm SEO

Efficient use of online marketing and advertising can greatly impact sales, traffic and other measurable outcomes. The effects apply to any business, whether online retail store, restaurant, dentistry practice or attorney’s office. Statistics published on the Lawyer Marketing website indicate that about 70% of people seeking legal information turn to search engine platforms like Google and Bing for assistance. Consumers in the US also visit an average of 4 law office websites before making the final decision on who should take up their case. With these sobering statistics, a law practice can easily build an edge over the competition by working out strategies that will place its site on the first page of Google, Bing or Yahoo searches. The most effective strategy to attain this goal is implementing sound law firm SEO, since it takes a more targeted approach.

In the law firm’s perspective, Search Engine Optimization collectively refers to the activities and concepts targeted at maximizing the law firm’s ability to appear favorably in the search engine results. Remember, law firm SEO means much more than supplanting keywords and page counts. It instead, means following best industry practices to market your law firm. If you do not have the expertise, you can simply get in touch with the right law firm SEO specializing in helping lawyers and law firms improve their web presence and rankings on search engines. According to, SEO offers law firms the opportunity to streamline their websites and make it more logical and responsive. For instance, the agency can leverage its knowledge of the algorithm as dictated by search engines to align the law firm websites to the approved algorithms.

The process of making the site clear and logical also involves organizing the key pages and content. It aims to make them more readable and accessible to the audience. The keyword for articles also important because it can improve search result for law firm websites. For example, when discussing the hierarchy of personal injury, the title can be structured with subsets like motor vehicle accidents, orthopedic injuries and spinal cord injuries. Under the motor vehicle injuries we can have subtitles like ATV accident, motorcycles accident and auto accidents. Some of the injuries that can be listed under the spinal cord injury include neck injuries, back injuries and whiplash injury.

law firm seo

On the whole, the services should be listed based on priority and the keywords placed strategically in key areas such as the home page and the various practice area pages. According to, the following SEO strategies can help a law firm’s website rank high on Google search results:

• Creating mobile optimized website

Some few years ago Google took notice of the growing web traffic emanating from mobile devices such as tablet and smart phones. The move forced changes in the way algorithms are effected by imposing penalties on websites that are not mobile friendly. A responsive site will ensure the whole website content fits properly on the mobile screen.

• Using lawyer directories

Listing the site on relevant online directories is a great strategy to promote your law firm and increase web traffic.

• Performing site indexing and enhancing usability

Enhancing site usability is designed to help visitors locate what they need much more easily. The indexing process, on the other hand, makes it easy for the search engines to locate pages and index them so they can show up on SERPs.

• Focusing on specific keywords without overdoing it

In the past Google used to rank sites with many keywords on top of its search results. But this has changed with the introduction of a smart algorithm. Your website needs to have relevant keyword in the right places to enhance its readability and site ranking.

• Using blogs for outreach

Although the whole idea of blogging may seem time consuming and less desirable, it can go a long way to attract more traffic if the right words are used. The law firm can also add a few relevant educational articles that align with the practice to make the content more appealing.

The SEO Do’s and Don’ts

To enjoy the benefits of SEO, the law firm must choose the right SEO entity to handle online marketing needs. The experts will discuss a number of issues, including marketing objectives and winning strategies. A discussion on marketing objectives will certainly center on the benefits of applying SEO strategies. And a determination of what needs to be done based on budget and time. SEO experts are also best placed to analyze the market competition. And they evaluate the current website and domain names to identify the areas of weakness. Some of the outdated SEO techniques that should be avoided at all cost, according to Lawlytics include; reusing content, flouting search engine guidelines and fabricating marketing and performance reports.

AlgoRhythm SEO Services

Since SEO can improve the law firm’s visibility, the process of choosing the right law firm SEO is highly critical. AlgoRhythm is a leading SEO agency that uses proven and time-tested strategies to enhance a site’s visibility. It is doing in order to drive web traffic, profits and increase clients. The website optimization services offered by the firm include; authoritative content, site indexing, page speed analysis, site maintenance, SEO audit, social media marketing and integration. They also do internal link management and directory submission and management. Search engine analysis is a critical service that involves monitoring and evaluating a client’s SEO campaign. It aims of improving the site’s overall performance.

The firm also encourages application of credible links from legitimate sources. Especially, when it comes to setting citations and references as a strategy to boost the credibility. The use of authoritative content can help a law firm get noticed by prospects and clients and illuminate the lawyer’s expertise and experience to the outside world. Lastly, the social media integration solutions are designed to give the law firm more referrals from social media platforms. The other services offered by the firm include traffic analysis and reputation management. To get in touch with AlgoRhythm SEO experts, call 855-339-1736. Or visit the company website at to learn more about the befits of SEO.

What Does A SEO Specialist Do For You?

SEO specialist services are essential for your business, and we are here to help you with anything you need. Your company’s website is the portal that brings customers to your business, and we believe that there are many things going into your online marketing plan. This article explains how we offer a better experience, and we will show you the specific ways in which you may change the visibility and popularity of your business. You may make many changes to the manner in which you manage your business, and you see the benefits of these changes when you are using our services.

#1: What Is SEO?

Our SEO specialist services begin with a look at how your business performs online. We understand that you are searching for as many customers as you can find, and we must help you create these customers from online exposure. SEO is the method we use to optimize your presence on search engines. People search for the services and products you create every day, and they will click on your company’s site when you appear on the top half of the search page.

We will use a combination of keywords and meta information that makes your business easy to find, and there are quite a few companies that must make a wholesale change to the information on their site. Complete a full makeover of your site, and we will look over every technique that is used on the site. We know that the site is much easier to use when it has been optimized for search engines, and we will update all information that is associated with your site.

#2: How Do We Change Keywords?

We will look through the keywords that are most-associated with your site, and we will update the keywords to what we believe is current for the industry. You must line up the keywords other companies are using and we will choose the keywords with low competition. We also ensure that you are competitive among the business that are featured online. You may not realize how simple it is to change keywords on your site, and we will rewrite everything for you to match the new keywords we have chosen.

Updating your site is quite important because we know that it will change at some point. We will keep up with the keywords that are to be used on your site, and we will help you avoid any problems with your site that may include odd wording or phrasing. We will write all your articles in a better style, and we will add the keywords we found that make the most sense in the context of your site.

#3: Meta Information

We will change meta information on your site, and you will learn how to manage the site with tiny bits of information that are hidden away. Meta information must be changed so that search engines will find you, and they will use your meta information to create local entries for your business. The entries for your business that are listed with meta information will create maps and phone call buttons. Someone may call your business after we have entered all the proper meta information, or something may make changes to their plans based on the map that is created by the search engine.

seo specialist

#4: Advertising

There are quite a few different advertising options for your site, and you must look over each option with us when we begin your SEO program. The SEO program will include the PPC and affiliate ads you may want to use on your site. We may place ads for your site around the internet, and we will help you collect passive income from the ads that are on your site. Improved SEO will improve the revenues from the site because you will have more people coming to your site who will help you earn cash.

You must review your advertising plan as much as possible, and we will track all your ads to ensure that they are effective. Any ads that are not performing will be replaced, and we will target customers on your behalf. The customers who are most-likely to use your site will see your ads, and they will come back to your site often because they continue to see your ads.

#5: Filling Every Part Of The Site With SEO

We know that your website is important of your company, and we will fill each page of the site with SEO keywords. We will place keywords in your product descriptions, and we will find a place on your biographies and staff information for keywords. You must increase the likelihood that someone will find your site, and we will notice that the people who are using your site often will continue to return because they find your site through many means. You have no way of knowing specifically how someone will find your site, but you must create a situation in which they always have a way to get back to your site.

#6: Consistent Updates

We will consistently update your site to ensure that it is functioning as it should, and we will update any keywords or other terms that we believe should be changed. Also will let you know when we have made these changes, and it is possible that you may need to consult us about a change in terminology on the site. We will work with you to ensure that the proper terms are used, and you will avoid the confusing search for the keywords you need to fill in each article on your site.

Every company can use all the services we have to offer when they are updating their sites, and we will step in to ensure that your site is operating in the best manner possible. We are ensuring that all customers are given the finest services, and we will check your SEO for you so that you do not have any problems with your website. Your will have more traffic, and it works for any business.

The Role Of an Online Marketing Manager In Your Business

We believe in helping you with your online marketing needs in some different ways, and each promise is filled with the help of an online marketing manager. You may invest quite a lot of time to ensure your online presence is strong. You will find all that you need in your first talk with a marketing professional. This article explains how you may use your online marketing manager to help your business gain the prestige that it deserves. You may bring your business back in-line with competitive norms in your industry. You will see an improvement in the traffic on your site with every passing month.

1: What Does An Online Marketing Manager Do?

You will meet an online marketing manager after hiring your marketing firm. They will handle every aspect of your company’s marketing plan. They are prepared to show you how ads work. Also help you with the layout of your site and delegate responsibility to people in their office who will do much of the work for you. They are the contact person for all your marketing efforts with the company. And they will help you understand what your next move or adjustment in the program must be.

2: Targeted Ads

There are many different ads that may be used to ensure your business is seen online. An online marketing manager will help you understand which ads you must use. Where to place them and who to purchase your ads from. The manager will purchase all your ad space, and they will show you how the ads have been purchased and placed.

You may choose a number of different ads that will run on a rotation, or you may use one ad that you believe is most important for your business. The online marketing manager knows which ads will work best, and they check on the success of each ad as they are used. You may not know which ads work best. Therefore, you must allow the manager to tell you what they believe is the finest ad.

3: Designing Ads

Your marketing manager does not design ads for you, but they will take the time to ensure that your ads have been created properly. They will delegate to someone in their office who is under their direct supervision. Also use their industry expertise to show you what sorts of ads will work best for your company. They will guide you as you put your stamp on your campaign, and they will prevent you from making poor choices.

online marketing manager

4: Placing Ads

There are many sets of ads that you may place on your site that will help you earn money. The marketing manager will talk you through each style of ad. You may choose affiliates or PPC ads, and you will notice how simple it is to earn a passive income. The income you make from the site will simply enhance the work you are doing. You must ensure that you have chosen ads you are comfortable with. You are free to do both, and you will find there is quite a lot of money to be made from there.

5: Affiliate Ads

Affiliates ads pay you when the customer clicks them. Your website and their websites are connected and you will earn money when a purchase is made on the other side. We have an online marketing manager who will walk you through the process of choosing affiliates. They may place your ads on their site. Partnerships will help your business improve, and your marketing manager will help you earn far more money than normal.

6: PPC Ads

PPC ads are paid for every click regardless of what happens on the other side. You may use them to make money every day. It is very simple and you will find it quite a lot of fun to use them. You can direct people to the ads as part of your sales pitch. You may be as open with your customers as you like, and a marketing manager from our firm will help you write copy that shows your customers where to go on your site.

7: Writing SEO Content

SEO content is an important part of your marketing plan. Our professional online marketing manager will help you understand how SEO content is created. You may write SEO content for every part of your site. It is the way for you begin to direct people to your content using special keywords from our marketing manager. We are committed to studying the industry, and we will show you the keywords that are most likely to succeed on your site. You must place keywords on every page of your site. You will find they are effective on information pages and biographies that would not have written in this style. Allow your marketing manager to show you how to write the content in this style. They may do it for you, or they may train you in SEO writing.

8: Checking Trends

You cannot keep up with marketing in the business world if you do not know the trends of the industry. You must learn from your marketing manager how to check social media for trends, and you may adjust our writing to meet the needs of the trend. Continually adjust your keywords to fall in-line with the trends you see. People who are buying into trends will find your site, and they will shop with you more often simply because you appear to be in-style.

Everyone who comes to use for an online marketing manager will receive a marketing program that is designed for their business. We will show you how to make your business look much better than it did in the past. You will see that your site begin to improve because of the work we have done. Our marketing managers are clued into the industry, and they are willing to adjust your program to meet your needs in any way you like. Simply ask us for help today, and you may begin marketing soon.

SEO Service Marketplace : The Function of SEO Service Marketplace

It is safe to say that the internet as a whole, and search engines, in particular, have grown to become a crowded and chaotic place. Most of us take for granted that whenever we search for something on the web, it will just appear magically on the screens. Well, this may be true, but how did the some of them make it in the first couple of pages? And some got pushed way back on 20th page? This “magic” or technique is called SEO, short for Search Engine Optimization, and this why we see certain specific pages as soon as we start the search process. The good news is that SEO is malleable, which means, for the website owner, they have a good chance of sending their web page, in the first couple of pages of the search engine.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

So, why is it so important to have the web page show up in the first few pages of the search page? The answer is simple. Most people when doing a search, will not look much further than the first page! For businesses, this is hugely important. That means if the page shows up anywhere past the second page, the likelihood of someone seeing it is virtually nil! The consequences of something like that happening is any one’s guess. What can be done about this problem? The art of SEO service marketplace is done through a multi-pronged approach. Businesses with websites will need a team of experts to aid them through the process. The following is the process usually done to get SEO working for website owners.

• Keyword research
• Building links
• Studying the competition
• Content development
• Video optimization
• Mobile optimization

seo service marketplace

Keyword Research

The keyword is where it all starts. It is the starting point of search for anyone who has ever used a search engine. So it is easy to see why it is so important. The key here is to get the right customers to the website. As far as keyword research is concerned, it involves finding the right keywords based on search frequency. This has proven to take the website to the head of the pack. The idea here is to do a targeted campaign, as opposed to going after all and sundry.


Link’s, link building or hyperlinks, whatever we choose to call it, it is all the same. It has also grown to become more important, in this day and age of social media and mobile phones. The process is quite simple. It involves creating a hyperlink to one website from another one. Even though this process sounds simple enough, it is one of the most difficult tasks of SEO. The trick is to link everything to work smoothly and flawlessly as possible. This is just another reason why we need a team who know what they are doing. A well-done link job will go a long way to get the word out there and increase business.

What is the Competition Up to?

As mentioned before, the internet has become a crowded place. Now, more than ever, businesses need to know what the competition is doing and how they are handling SEO. However, if we have a professional team to look into it, then it becomes much easier to remain nimble and change accordingly. It is not only about reaching the top, but it is also about staying there. As we know, if keep the position is harder than reach the position. Therefore, competitive analysis is a must for anyone seriously thinking about online sales and marketing.

Content Development

There was a time in the early days of search engines when all we had to do was stuff an article or post with lots of keywords to get noticed. Looking back at those days, it seems almost laughable, but it was true. The formulas were easy and straightforward. Lots of keywords equal high search engine ranking. No matter how poor the content quality was. Those days are gone forever. Today, algorithms used in search engines are clever enough to distinguish between a well written and a poorly written article. A well-written article is not just about getting search engine priority. It is also about arousing the customer’s interest enough to buy. After all, writing content about a product, maybe the only presentation it gets. The article becomes the salesman. And finally, it should convince the customer to make the purchase.

Video Optimization

Video marketing is one of those trends that is slowly taking over the internet. There are two primary reasons for this. Social media and smartphones. The scramble to make short three to four minute, good quality movies selling a product, is one of the fastest growing trends. Once the film is made, providing links to it on social media and optimizing it for search engines is very important. Therefore, finding an SEO service marketplace who can handle video optimization is necessary.

The Age of Smart Phones

The year 2008 saw the dawn of the smartphone. Even though these devices contain the phone function, the main reason people use them is that they are essentially small computers. The phone is just an added feature. In fact, using smartphones to find products online is one of the most common ways to do so. But there is a twist to this story. Mobile searches are usually more local business oriented. That means the SEO must be done with this in mind. The reason behind this is because smartphones are usually used to search and buy locally. Therefore, the importance of staying ahead of the curve in mobile optimization cannot be understated.

In conclusion

What needs to be taken away from all this is that search engine optimization is constantly changing. The trick is always to stay tuned to changes and stay ahead of the curve. If this is not done then missing out on good opportunities is a real possibility. However, with the right people on our side, the likely hood of this happening is virtually nil.

Role of Digital Marketing Specialist and Digital Marketing Company

Finding a good digital marketing specialist these days can be a real chore. Also known as an online marketing specialist, these people and/or companies seem to be everywhere. Offering a wide range of services for a wide range of fees. So how do you choose the right one for you? The first thing you need to do is identify what your needs are based on the size and overall importance of your site. From there you should be able to determine how many services of what type you need your marketing specialist to do.

Make a good SEO

Regardless of the size or importance of your website, everyone is in need of good SEO. Search engine optimization (SEO) is what every site owner needs in order to get on the coveted page 1 of the search results page, and it is the first thing you should consider when you first get your site online. Algorythym can do this for you from day one very effectively and easily. This is the basic task of any marketing specialist. Not so basic and a little more involved, is establishing a good pay per click (PPC) aspect of your site. This can help you garner a passive income and is typically done through services that Google offer. There are other ways of setting up PPC, but that is the most common and our experience lies here as well.

Consider your web design

Once these services are established, then it is time to look over your website and see if it needs help with the design aspect of it. The design you want should be on par with other websites in the same genre, or niche, like yours. Preferably, look on page 1 of the search results page after you type in the sites you want to see and look at those sites. If they are on page 1, then they are very popular, and you want to emulate what they did without copying it outright. This is something we specialize in as well, and we can design your site either to your specifications based on the above suggestion, or we can do that type of footwork ourselves.

Keep in mind that the design of your site will not be the sole determination of whether it is popular or not, but it does play a big part in how successful you are in retaining visitors and getting them to come back. It is important when you consider that you had us put in a good PPC program on your site. The more clicks your site gets, the more you get paid and more the popular it becomes and we both want that.

digital marketing specialist

Social media marketing

From here, you should consider whether your website is ready for social media marketing. Even the smallest of start-ups have a Facebook feed that visitors can click on and share their site on their Facebook page. Some websites have this feed on their landing page, or home page, only. That’s fine, and that can be an effective enough social media marketing tool if you still have a very small site. Meaning a site with only a few pages. A social media feed is a great way to draw more attention to your site via your Facebook page. The more established sites will have more feeds, and that is fine.

Some site owners gauge how many feeds they want based on how many different social media accounts they have. While we can certainly determine this for you by that measure, we also take into account how quickly you want to grow, how active your current social media accounts are and whether too many feeds for not enough pages will make your site seem “top heavy”. These are just a few of things we take into account when you retain our services. As you can see, we like to cover all bases, and we are highly qualified to do so.

Give some advices

Now, if you are an upstart company with an equally new site, you may not be ready to actively pursue the reputation management angle yet. Keep in mind that other sites which just get started like to be proactive with this service and order it right away. Reputation management can mean a wide range of tasks from managing the content that goes on the site, to security measures. If you have any questions about his service, do not hesitate to send us an inquiry. We will not only let you know what we offer, but we will also tell you if we think you need any of these services yet or not. We do not want to sell you something that you will end up having buyers remorse from later on. That is not a good way to garner a person trust.

Do not let all this experience make you think that we are unaffordable though. Nothing could be further from the truth. We understand how competitive this field is, and we keep our fees competitive. We want your business, and we want you to be able to afford us, so when you do your price-matching, you will see that we do not charge substantially more than other digital marketing specialists. On the contrary, you may even see other companies charging more for the same services we provide.


In the end, we strongly believe in gaining peoples’ trust, loyalty, and business. You cannot have the latter without the two formers. This philosophy we tend to carry over onto your site while we are taking care of all the proposals you want us to. Not only are we capable of the technical aspects of this business, but we are capable of doing so ethically. If this is your philosophy as well, then we are sure to make good company. So if all this sounds appealing to you, which we are sure it does, and you feel we can provide you the services you need for a fair and competitive price, again, do not hesitate to contact the best digital marketing specialist there is.

Find a Proper Affordable SEO For Your Website

Currently, every business that has active online presence wants an affordable SEO. Mostly when dealing with the most used search engines. That is because, people nowadays use the internet as the second nature, and their first stop when searching for anything. Maybe it a nearby Grocery, a divorce lawyer, or household goods. Mostly, it is very rare for people to proceed beyond page one, possibly two or three when going through the search results. Thus, many businesses top priority is to be at the head of the list of results. There is a broad range of websites out there, and making matters worse. The search engines keep changing their measures to ensure that they only display the most relevant results. Therefore, for a business to stay relevant and in the game, it obviously needs to outsource its Search Engine Optimization.

Web sites that are not capable of generating traffic and attracting new guests are worthless even if they happen to be dashing. It will be a waste of both time and money building the website. That is where our highly trained team of professionals comes to your rescue.

By choosing a good SEO company, good results that will bring more visitors to your site and create a heavier flow of traffic is guaranteed. That will eventually lead to an increase in revenue gotten from the many people who get to view the quality of goods or services that you provide. That is turning your website into a profit making type. After all, your website should be profitable in all aspects. In addition to that, our services are realistic, secure, and the outcomes goals are long-term.

affordable SEO

Advantages of use our SEO service

• They offer affordable services. When working with a proper SEO company, you benefit your business with the efficient and affordable marketing strategies.

• For firms that have had negative issues in the past, we are capable of turning a site that has had poor ratings around, advice and guides the business from making the same mistake or committing a similar one, at an affordable price. Unlike other SEO service companies that make promises that get eventually broken.

• They offer long-term standing. Once you find a proper SEO, you can maintain good results for a longer period.

• An affordable SEO company offers you many options for choosing characteristics that benefit your business depending on the extent of your budget. Hence, providing you with the chance to adapt an SEO solution that satisfies your business needs.

Why choose us

1. We have a marketing agency that is capable of performing top of the line strategies. We highly focus on the design of the website and using our highly skilled web development experts, we ensure that we provide a lasting impression as the design is made to be both fashionable and functional, and while still involving you. You get to give your views on the appearance, and they are incorporated in with proper techniques to meet your needs and to satisfy the traffic.

2. Our SEO services are the best, and we have dedicated employees who ensure that your needs are fully satisfied. Our staff is made up of the most skilled, talented, and reliable professional SEO consultants who are capable of providing all the requirements required for an online business to become successful.

3. We offer all types of assistance that are needed. Including the RIO analysis and analytics, split testing, web architecture, conversion rate, optimization, and mobile phones instructions on SEO.

4. To ensure that we provide the best results, we fully act in accordance with the search engines provisions and requirements. With other SEO companies, it is very common to find that your site has been banned from operating because most of them use the ‘black-hat’ plans. These are the methods disapproved by most search engines. In fact, the most popular search engines have previously been monitoring these SEO methods. With the help of our newly updated schemes and expertise, we assure that our customized methods are best suited to meet your short term and long term goals.

5. We also provide customer service that is exceptional and personalized. We reply to email of all our clients and answer phone calls even beyond the normal working hours. That is because we greatly value you and consider your needs to be very crucial.

6. We make sure that our clients business operates under the best individual care, utmost profession, and prompt. Unlike the other SEO who entrust customers with the sales representatives, we deal with our clients personally to enable them to anticipate it to be more personal.

7. We examine our client’s forte, their competitors, their new SEO, their website mainframe, and other factors to maximize the results of their SEO scheme. After examining these factors, we decide the best traffic suitable for the client. When Using this strategy, we make decisions based on factors that will maximize conversions.

8. We also offer a focused local campaign, meant to attract customers within the vicinity or your neighbors, since we have the necessary experience. Keep following the continuously changing search engines rules and regulations. We have technical knowledge of the requirements so as to increase rankings on the leading search engines.

9. Since we consider every business unique, we developed a concept that states that there are no projects that are the same. The market, situation, interaction, and completion makes the businesses different. Therefore, to avoid making errors, every project approach is designed differently.

10. We offer an audit of your website so that we understand your situation. That helps in deciding on the appropriate service. We locate where things went wrong in your previous SEO and the things to be improved since the website operations reveal the website ranking. After a clear and detailed research on your site, we construct a comprehensive report that allows you to understand the idea of the next step. Our packages central aim is to enable your website to reach the top of the search engine results. Keep you there booming and thriving, therefore, eliminating competition.

What to Expect in Our SEO Proposal

Our SEO proposal is one of the most important parts of our SEO company’s strategy for gaining new clients. A lot of information should be included in your proposal if we want to get your business. Here is what we will be sure to include in your proposal, tailored to your companies needs.

Show Potential Client What You Have to Offer

Our potential clients expect to see many things in the summary that we propose to them. Here is what that summary will be sure to include. It is very important that we outline what our company has to offer when we pitch our services to a potential client. We have probably already discussed this information with them. It is important to put these offerings down on paper for them to review.

We will remind the client of everything we plan to do for them in detail. Explain to them the SEO process and what resources we will need from them to complete this project. It is a great way to remind them of all the work that we will be doing for them.

The amount of time that the process will take and what kind of results the company can expect from the time that we put in is another important piece of information. We will make sure that they understand that this will not be something that is completed overnight. It will be an ongoing process. Our price should certainly be included in a proposal. The company that we are pitching our services to will want to know how much our service will cost them.

SEO proposal

Last of all, before making an agreement with us, the client will want to know what our terms and conditions are that they will be bound to if agreeing to hire us. We will be sure to include all of information if you want any client to take your proposal seriously.

How to Structure a Proposal

Now that you know what all we include in our SEO proposal, here is an outline of how we will organize the information.

Executive Summary

To begin our document, we condense all of the information we have gathered into a couple of paragraphs that outlines what we want to tell the client. Many readers of this document may only make it as far as the executive summary. So, we make sure to convey our purpose as clearly as possible. We try to include all important information while leaving out the details.

Define Clients Problem

In this next section should detail exactly why the client needs our services. We list any issues that their current website has but do not provide any answers to these issues. We save the answers for later sections. This list should include any issues about the company and is not restricted to just SEO. Other issues will affect the conversion rate of the visitors that we will hopefully bring to their site. We let the client know what all should be changed about their website, image, and social media presence that will help them secure more sales.

What SEO Can Do

Next to be included is a section telling the company what benefits they will get from having better search engine optimization for their website and what they stand to gain. We try to convince them that this is a service that they need that will maximize their sales and turn a profit for them.

Proposed Solutions

Now we provide answers to the problems that we informed them about in the earlier paragraph. We are specific as to what solutions will work for which problems. Make sure to include information about creating a blog for them to connect with their customers. We explain to them how we will develop a content strategy that will place them higher in the search results of relevant searches. Tell them how we plan to create link building with other popular websites that will raise their visibility in search engines. Let them know what websites we are planning to link to them. We provide a bit of keyword research and tell them how we plan to find more relevant searches with the right volume. It is intended to direct customers who are interested in finding what services they have to offer.

This section is meant to show the value of our service. We build as much value in our work as possible. Many clients have no idea what is involved with search engine optimization or what defines the order of results in a search. We try to go into as much detail as we can. Provide them with an outline of the massive amount of work. We will be doing to raise their visibility on the most popular search engines. This building of value is a must to help a customer justify the money they are about to spend on our service.

Companies Bio

In this section, we introduce our company to the client. We, briefly, tell them about our history in the business and also who we are working with presently. We make sure to mention any awards that have been won or accreditation that we have.

Prove Your Credibility

Now it is time to show the company that we wish to work for the results that we have provided for other clients in the past. We present the client with the logos of past and present clients. They will stand out on the page. We include a short case study similar to the client we are proposing to now and show them the results. We are always collecting testimonials from our other clients as well to show that we are not just making it up.


Many people who read our proposal jump right to this section to see what our service will set them back. We list all of the services and items that we are charging for separately to show how we came up with the total amount.


We make sure to include a timeline that is broken down into different achievable milestones. It will be the basis of our work schedule if the client accepts the proposal.

Terms and Conditions

This section should include a detailed look at payment terms and delivery options. Show our responsibilities to the timeline and the deadlines that will be set. It is important that we inform the customer about every aspect of what we will do.

The Next Step

This is where we tell the company our next move after the proposal is signed. We make sure that they know what we will need to begin the work and exactly where we will begin. This section takes pressure off of the company and puts us in control as soon as the document is signed, and we are ready to begin.

We are a company that knows about SEO. If you would be interested in seeing an SEO proposal from us, contact us. You will see what we can do for your company. It will include all of this information and more specifically for your companies needs.