Cannabis Marketing: Stop fighting with Google over Cannabis AdWords and Start Dominating Google’s Organic Cannabis Search Results.

For those of us around back then, it seemed to happen overnight; Google became the dominate force in all things information. Because Google offers the most accurate and relevant search results, we depend on it for everything in our lives. Without Google, the world would be a much dumber place. So why are so many people in the growing cannabis industry fighting with Google to try and sneak a cannabis advertising campaign under the radar of Google using AdWords?

Maybe the cannabis industry is too accustomed to doing things the hard way and fighting the system? Maybe it’s the outlaw roots? Or maybe it’s that the cannabis industry is so new that those hired to market cannabis products simply try to do what they did when they worked in real estate, food and beverage, or hospitality. They jump right in and try and buy AdWords, Google’s paid ads. One big problem, Google won’t sell AdWords that relate to cannabis. So instead of looking to Google organic (free) search cannabis marketers try to buck the system and cloak their campaigns and fly under the radar. Unfortunately for them, if not caught at the onset, once the campaign reaches a certain point of spend, Google calls for a manual review and bam, the program gets flagged and shut off. This is no way to live people. Go organic.

Veteran SEO companies like AlgoRhythm SEO know that once you understand how Google works, you can use its strengths, (the same strengths that have helped Google become the #1 search engine in the world) to get top organic search rankings for cannabis marketing search terms. It is all about learning the ranking factors that go into Google’s PageRank formula, which is how Google assesses the links pointed at your cannabis related website, the quantity and most importantly, the quality of those links pointed at you.

One of the reasons so many business owners gravitate to AdWords and not organic is that organic SEO has become impossible for those unethical SEO people that were committed to using short-cuts to rank crappy websites at the top of the most competitive searches. Do you really blame Google for cracking down? This bad SEO was cracking away at the very foundation the house of Google was built on. Google made updates that cracked down on auto-generated links, low quality content and crappy SEO. Google introduced strong and powerful updates like Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird, drumming out the bad guys and leaving only the companies like Denver SEO provider, AlgoRhythm left doing it the right way.

Below are a few things you should consider when thinking about how to dominate Google organic search for cannabis marketing. No matter how long it takes for Federal Laws to change, you will still want to rank organically so that you can drive traffic to your business for free and watch your competitors spend millions to try and keep up with you using AdWords. Organic is king, and why wouldn’t you want to be the king of cannabis marketing?

It all boils down to trust. Unfortunately, when you are just getting started, Google doesn’t trust your website. If Google doesn’t trust your website or its content, you are not going to be placed ahead of the millions of other pages competing with you for the cannabis search that drives your business. Once you have Google’s trust and you are doing the right things you can begin to rank at the top, capturing the traffic that will drive millions of dollars of revenue into your business. If you don’t have trust, you will have sunk to the bottom of rankings, so deep it will take James Cameron and a mini-sub to find you at those depths, and you don’t want that.

Indexed Age of Your Website and its Content: First let’s look at the indexed age of your website and its content. Google is going to take a long hard look at the age of both your cannabis related website and its content. The newer you and your content are the more of a challenge it is to get you ranked. Simply put. Google doesn’t trust the new guy. If you are brand new, don’t freak out, it’s not a sentence to online purgatory until you are an OG website. It just means SEO marketers will need to work harder to get you results ahead of schedule. You need a healthy diversity of links from many authoritative sources and you need to be feeding your domain a healthy diet of new authoritative links.

Authority Profile of Your Website and its Content: The most important thing you can do to rank for cannabis marketing keywords is be the authority on the niche you serve in the cannabis industry. Unfortunately, it is not enough to be the biggest know-it-all in your space, you need Google to recognize your authority in a way they can catalog, measure and rank. This means that your website must have a very strong profile of links pointing at it. Those links must be from websites that also have authority on the subject or industry. You need IP-diversity as well. You cannot have all your links coming from the same source. Most of the work any expert SEO company you hire does should be devoted to link authority. If they know what they are doing they will focus on bringing your business links with massive authority and diversity.

Quality Underlying Content: As an above the board, get results, SEO company that wins for our clients there is nothing more frustrating to me about our industry than the issue of underlying content. The content on your website is extremely important. Too many people build websites with little to no content and expect Google to magically know what the website is all about. That said; too many so-called SEO experts will gladly spend most or all of their time and your money focusing on the on-page content of your website. Underlying content should be table-stakes it’s like saying the NFL team with the best turf and stadium will win the Super Bowl. Paying an SEO expert to focus only on your content is like paying Tom Brady to water the field before a home game. Content is a major anchor that Google uses to determine your sites relevancy. An SEO partner should be able to guide you and help get fresh content but if that’s all they talk about, run for the hills. Content is cheap and easy, SEO is and link authority is not. Without trust and link authority your rankings will go nowhere.

About the author: Matt Eaton is President of AlgoRhythm SEO. AlgoRhythm is the #1 SEO provider in the United States for providing the trust and authority to build rank, dominate search and defend top positions. Matt can be reached directly at or 303-803-7372